Seven Deadly Sequins, by Julie Anne Lindsey

My short vacation to Wisconsin’s Northwoods included a copy of Seven Deadly Sequins–the second book in Julie Anne Lindsey’s Bonnie & Clyde Mystery series. Artist and seamstress Bonnie has a second-hand shop in her hometown of Bliss, Georgia, taking vintage and gently used clothing and making it all new and vibrant once again. In Seven Deadly Sequins, she is finishing up a rack of evening gowns for the members of the town’s Founder’s Day Parade court. She is offering her creations for free to the women in hopes of drumming up a little more business for her shop. But her plans are tugged sideways when she accompanies her grandmother, Gigi, to the Enchanted Gardens where Gigi plans on confronting a friend who she believes stole her cobbler recipe to use as her own. What was not part of either woman’s plan, was finding that friend murdered. Bonnie springs into action to protect her grandmother and find justice for the town’s beloved baker–but Sherriff Mason Wright isn’t quite so pleased to have her snooping around another of his investigations.

One of my favorite things is watching how backstories and characters unfold book by book in a series. I enjoyed learning more about Mason’s history as I followed along with the mystery. Julie Anne Lindsey’s stories always have a wonderful mix of heart, humor, and heroics and are always crafted with care and love. I’m looking forward to what comes next for Bonnie, Clyde, Mason, and the rest of Bliss, Georgia.

One thought on “Seven Deadly Sequins, by Julie Anne Lindsey

  1. “characters unfold book by book?” I like to read about characters fold…..that’s why I read origami books 🙂


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