Fields’ Guide to Fog, by Julie Mulhern

Sun-loving spy in training Poppy Fields is less than impressed with the grey, foggy environment in London, where she and partner Mark Stone (aka Thor) have traveled. Poppy’s mother’s fiancé has been kidnapped and Mark and Poppy are on the scene to help. Chariss (Poppy’s mother) is a mess–fraught with fear and worry. But Viktor–Yugi’s son–is strangely stoic and…absent. When Viktor is able to arrange a startlingly low ransom for his father shortly after Poppy and Mark arrive, their warning radar begins to ring–loudly. When the full implications of Viktor’s reckless actions come to light, the entire city of London may pay the price.

The Poppy Fields Adventure series is packed with action, intrigue, and dark humor. Pages and chapters and hours fly by when I’m immersed in the story. Each book is an exciting opportunity to escape. I highly recommend it!

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