Fields’ Guide to Voodoo, by Julie Mulhern

Fiction and I, once the most constant of companions, have been on something of a break recently. For better or worse, I’ve been lured to the pages of books about true crime, life as an introvert, ways to engage with the community, and even some kitschy self-help (gasp!). Nevertheless, there are a handful of authors who I can always count on to tempt me back to the world of fiction, and Julie Mulhern is one of them.

Fields’ Guide to Voodoo is Poppy’s third adventure. She’s back on U.S. soil for this story, set in New Orleans, where Poppy is visiting a friend. She is supposed to be there to be a bridesmaid and share in the joy on her friend’s special day, but circumstance–and perhaps a little black magick?–seems to be conspiring against her.

The pacing of these books is, in a word, exhilarating. There is never a dull moment in Poppy’s world! In this book especially, she manages to squeeze in all sorts of dangerous shenanigans amid brunches, showers, dinners, and parties leading up to the big wedding. Compulsively readable, I blame Poppy and her creator, Julie Mulhern, for several late nights when I simply could not put the book down in order to get some sleep. But I won’t hold it against either of them; I’m too eager for more!

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