Closely Harbored Secrets, by Bree Baker

North Carolina iced tea shop owner Everly Swan has been back in her hometown of Charm for about a year or so and has accomplished quite a lot. From buying her dream property and opening Sun, Sand & Tea to finding four dead bodies and helping catch four killers. As Closely Harbored Secrets begins, it is Halloween and the town is celebrating with its annual historic haunted ghost walk. When Everly and her aunt stumble upon one of the walk’s docents in distress, Everly knows to call for help and not touch anything. Tricked into grabbing hold of the potential murder weapon unknowingly is the first indication that she has quickly gone from the frying pan into the fire. The second? Finding her name scratched in the dirt next to the victim. Things go from very bad to even worse when Detective Grady Hayes backpedals from their budding relationship in order to protect his young son. Can the ghosts of the past step in and change the future before it’s too late? (You have to read the book to find out!)

A good ghost story is always exciting and this one sure got my heart pounding! It’s a delight to see how some of my favorite fictional characters continue to grow in depth and complexity as Bree Baker’s series carries on. With each new book, I find myself eagerly returning to the Atlantic Coast and devouring every twist and turn.

3 thoughts on “Closely Harbored Secrets, by Bree Baker

  1. What’s better than a ghost story? A story about ALIENS! CAT ALIENS!!! Read “Leonard (My Life as a Cat)”


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