Tide and Punishment, by Bree Baker

Christmas in a small coastal community. Idyllic, charming . . . and deadly. (Well doesn’t that sound dramatic?!)

In Tide and Punishment, tea shop owner Everly Swan is hosting a holiday party for her local community of Charm, North Carolina. A rare occurrence–cold weather and snow–has the community slipping and sliding into the holiday season, but Everly’s shop is the perfect port in the storm. That is until the mayor is murdered on her front lawn. To make matters worse, all evidence seems to be pointing a finger at one of Everly’s beloved aunts. Now, despite desperate pleas and dire warnings to stay out of the investigation, Everly can’t sit by while a member of her family is in trouble. But what happens when Everly herself is the next one in trouble’s crosshairs?

My love affair with this series continues. I read this book shortly before Christmas and it was a great setting for getting ready for the holidays. We, readers, have, of course, come to expect that our heroine Everly will insert herself into the investigation, but just exactly how it all plays out is a joy to watch unfold. (Joy in terms of plot construction, character interaction, storyline, etc. Not joy that Everly is in danger!) Another wonderful story from Bree Baker.

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