Hideaway, by Nora Roberts

This book got me out of a reading slump! Do you ever have those? Times when, no matter what you pick up, you just can’t seem to find anything interesting? I should have known that it would be Nora Roberts to the rescue for me.

During a game of hide-and-seek with her cousins at the Sullivan family home, nine-year-old Cate is kidnapped. The terrifying incident creates ripples for her and the entire Sullivan family that are far-reaching. But Cate refuses to be a victim for long. She develops an admirable strength of character as she grows up, one that allows her to find closure and healing and true friendships and relationships.

The plot is a disturbing one, of course, anytime an author tackles child abduction, it’s disturbing. And there are definitely some creepy scenes and passages. But what I take away from the book is vivid scene-setting, great characters, and a story that truly captured my attention.

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