The Bridge of Little Jeremy, by Indrajit Garai

Jeremy’s mother is about to go to prison for their debt to the State. He is trying everything within his means to save her, but his options are running out fast.

Then Jeremy discovers a treasure under Paris.

This discovery may save his mother, but it doesn’t come for free. And he has to ride over several obstacles for his plan to work.

Meanwhile, something else is limiting his time
. . .

I have lukewarm feelings about this book. The story is certainly heartfelt and told with a nod to detail. The author paints a vivid picture of Paris as he and Jeremy–along with Jeremy’s dog Leon–lead us around the city. And the descriptions of artwork and people are rich with detail, as well.

Yet so much of the narrative is spent on a minute-to-minute accounting of each day. It feels laborious and causes the book to drag at times. Overall, the story is filled with love and warmth. I didn’t dislike The Bridge of Little Jeremy; rather, I found it to be merely okay.

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