8 Seconds to Midnight, by John Leifer

I’ll be honest: I was skeptical about this book. The author was kind enough to gift me a digital copy (which I tried to read before giving up and realizing that I just. don’t. enjoy. reading. e-books.), but I ended up purchasing a paperback copy for my reading. I was skeptical because this type of book isn’t generally what I read. And I admit that it took me a little bit to really get into the story and get to the point where I was thinking about what would happen next when I wasn’t reading. Ultimately, though, I’m glad I expanded my reading horizon to include this thriller.

In 8 Second to Midnight, the United States has survived a biological attack by the United Islamic State. But another is coming–this one is to be a nuclear attack that surpasses the devastation of Hiroshima. The story pulls together multiple perspectives, from national security staff to sleeper cell jihadists, to those who are only peripherally related to the action. It kind of felt like a book version of Law & Order on a super-sized scale! Lots of action, a very quick pace, and good storytelling.

My thanks to the author for introducing me to his work!

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