Restaurant Weeks are Murder, by Libby Klein

More books should have this wonderful combination of wit, humor, mystery, and just plain fun. Self-taught cook and baker Poppy Montgomery is excited to be part of a team with her ex, Tim, and fellow chef, Gigi, for the first Restaurant Week competition in Cape May, New Jersey. Even if Gigi is abrasive and insulting and trying to win Tim’s affections away from Poppy. But her excitement starts to fade one the first day when everything that could go wrong starts going wrong. Lodging accommodations fall through, pantry ingredients are switched around and mislabeled, Poppy’s feisty feline won’t stay away from a very allergic beauty queen, and then one of the contest judges drops dead on set. Poppy finds herself under investigation once again and the heat in all of the contestants’ kitchens is beginning to be unbearable.

It took more than half of the book for me to pin down my suspicious and identify a probable killer, but I was wrong in the end. Even so, Libby Klein kept me guessing and thoroughly engaged on every page–this book is a must-read for mystery fans!

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