One Little Pig, by Laura Lee Scott, Illustrated by Cheryl Crouthamel

The big, bad wolf like you’ve never seen him before! In Laura Lee Scott’s retelling of the classic tale, Mama Wolf has three nasty little wolf cubs. At the end of her rope, she evicts them and the cubs head out to make new lives for themselves. Each in turn, the titular little pig encounters each of the wolf cubs and gently teaches them lessons of compassion, kindness, empathy, and even sustainable eating! 

This is a cute story for sharing the lessons of kindness and compassion with children. Both my sister, who is a teacher, and I were grinning as we realized that the little pig was teaching the wolves to be vegetarians–such a unique, memorable touch! And, on a deeper level, another lesson in empathy and compassion for animals, as well as human beings.

About the Book

Never underestimate the power of compassion! When gentle-hearted Engelbert first encounters Agnes and Cornelius Wolf–two of three notoriously naughty wolf pups–they’re busy making life miserable for all the woodland animals. Recently kicked out of Mama Wolf’s house, Agnes has built a new home in a field of mortified mice, while Cornelius has staked a claim near a stream full of seriously stressed-out fish. As Engelbert watches Agnes pummel a smelly punching bag and Cornelius traumatize trout, he’s reminded of another big bad wolf…one who many years before had tried to EAT his brothers after blowing down their houses. Compelled to help bring peace to the forest, the wise, little changemaker comes up with a brilliant idea. But, can the animals learn to put aside their obvious differences and sorted past? If so, the awesome power of compassion will not only help these previously “bad” wolves unlock their true potential–it will unify the entire animal kingdom as never before.

Written by Laura Lee Scott and illustrated by Cheryl Crouthamel (the award-winning duo behind “The Santa Switch” & “A Trip for Mrs. Claus”), “One Little Pig” is a delightfully charming, imaginative visual feast of a story that speaks straight to the heart. Based loosely on “The Three Little Pigs,” this reinvented, freshly-spun fairy tale offers readers of all ages countless reasons to smile, wonder, and feel inspired by the knowledge that everyone—even the smallest and seemingly “least” amongst us—can make a truly beautiful difference. In addition to “One Little Pig’s” empowering theme and engaging storyline, every richly-detailed illustration includes a friendly caterpillar for young readers to find. 

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