Books from the Did Not Finish Pile

Here’s something I’ve come to realize about my reading life: not every book is for every reader. And that’s okay! We we blessed with book shops and libraries full of diverse and different titles and genres and types of books. How boring would our world be if every person read the same books and everyone had the same opinions about each book?

I used to beat myself up about not liking a book–especially if it was a book by an author who I really like. That, or I’d force myself to read the whole thing, sometimes hating every moment I spent in the world created by the writer. Life’s too short and there are far too many wonderful books waiting to be read! And just because a certain book isn’t to my particular and eccentric taste, doesn’t mean you, dear reader, won’t be a huge fan. So, here’s a look at some of the books I’ve started to read and, for whatever reason, simply didn’t connect with enough to finish so far this year:

Check some of these titles out–they might just strike your fancy!

2 thoughts on “Books from the Did Not Finish Pile

  1. I did like Let Me Lie but that is the only one I read. I plan on reading The Recipe Box later. You are absolutely correct, different strokes for different folks.


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