Tarte Tatin Murder: A Seagrass Sweets Cozy Mystery by Sandi Scott

A note: I was provided with a copy of this book by the author in exchange for my honest opinions.

32864887Setting:  The small Texas town of Seagrass, a charity golf outing

Characters:  Ashley, a pastry chef; Patty, her business partner, and close friend; Ryan, Ashley’s former coworker, and current love interest.

Plot:  While catering a charity golf outing for a nonprofit group researching a cure for cancer, Ashley learns that a prominent doctor has been found murdered. She’s stunned at the turn of events, and even more startled that the prime suspect is Ryan’s uncle – the last person anyone in town would believe capable of murder. She decides to try and learn more about what happened so that his name can be cleared – and the real killer caught.

Pacing:  Brisk! This is a quick read.

Predictability:  Medium. There are a good number of suspects, and that keeps readers guessing. I was fairly certain one character was the killer, but I was wrong!

Wild Card:  The characters feel a little underdeveloped and the dialogue is awkward at times. But, Tarte Tatin Murder is an interesting cozy mystery and I did enjoy the story. I thought it was very cool that the author embedded links to recipes that are featured in the story – makes it easy for readers to click and find out how to make the dishes being discussed!

Hit, Miss, or Draw?: Draw. It’s a quick read that fans of cozy mysteries will likely enjoy.

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