Spotlight: Three Fat Singletons by J.M. Bartholomew

32858161Dotty the virgin, Mary the divorcee, and Jesse the man-eater are best friends with four things in common: they are single, obese, pushing 40, and unsatisfied with life.

Together they explore the fat-underworld of London including blind dates, Internet dating, phone sex and the possibilities of lifetime celibacy.

When a week-long getaway to Greece turns into a whirlwind of romance, sex, and horrific embarrassment, each one of them will have to decide what they really want in life.


About the Author
 Mother of one exceptionally gorgeous daughter

7569491I don’t know exactly how old I was but I remember being in primary school and my teacher saying in front of the whole class ‘Goodness you are as heavy as I am’ when she decided for some reason known only to her, to weigh all the pupils. This was the beginning of my realization that I wasn’t in the body that society deemed normal. It didn’t take too many more years for me to fall well and truly into the category of obese and then morbidly obese. Thankfully I kept a sense of humour throughout and often some of the most horrific things that happen can, in hindsight, can be hilarious! 

Before losing nine stones in weight I personally explored the fat-underworld in London and all of the places mentioned in the book are in existence, although for legal reasons one or two of the places have had their names changed. I consider myself an expert in the issues fat singletons (and marrieds) face!

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