Spotlight: Tarte Tatin Murder by Sandi Scott

32864887Ashley Adams is catering a charity golf outing for a nonprofit that is working to cure cancer. When a high profile researcher who was only a few months away from bringing a promising treatment to market is found dead on the golf course, the victim’s golf partner is charged.

When Ashley learns that the suspect is her friend Ryan’s Uncle Charlie, the two of them set out to find the real killer. Meanwhile, Ashley’s business partner Patty LaFontaine is acting strange and distant towards her, making Ashley wonder what is amiss. As Ashley and Ryan get deep into their investigation, they uncover secrets about their friends and family that shock them. Uncle Charlie is looking guiltier by the day – will they find the real killer and prove his innocence in time?

add-to-goodreads-buttonA perfect book for readers who like cozy mysteries with women sleuths and pets. If you enjoy reading cozy mystery authors such as Harper Lin, Hope Callaghan, or Susan Gillard of the Donut Hole mysteries, you will want to check out this series.

Includes recipes!

Get your copy for only $.99 at Amazon!

About the Author
Sandi Scott is a cozy mystery author who is finally living her dream of being able to write what she loves, thanks to you – her loyal readers. She currently lives in Texas for part of the year and spends the rest of the year traveling and writing.  Sandi fell in love with mystery books when she first started reading Agatha Christie eons ago. It only took her a few decades to gather the courage to try her hand at writing them.

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