Garden of Death by Chrystle Fiedler

22609375When a parcel of land becomes available in the village of Greenport, several business owners and residents vie for the land, including Willow McQuade. The owner of Nature’s Way Market and Cafe and naturopath dreams of creating a medicinal herb garden on the parcel, but her friends and neighbors have plans of their own. Willow is awarded the plot, but her fortune breeds disappointment and resentment between the other applicants. Nevertheless, Willow proceeds with planting and preparations with the help of a new employee (Nate) and her boyfriend, Jackson.

Opening day arrives on the heels of some heated accusations, but Willow is determined to keep a smile on her face and introduce the villagers to the many medicinal herbs and their benefits and uses. But a body in the middle of the garden certainly doesn’t make a favorable first impression.

Willow and Jackson, who is a add-to-goodreads-buttonformer cop, set about trying to find the killer. As they investigate a murder, they also begin to dig up pieces of what appears to be a pirate treasure – could the buried artifacts be connected to the killing?

Chrystle Fiedler has pulled together all the right elements for an intriguing and complex mystery. And, as an added bonus for readers, each chapter is introduced by a profile of a medicinal herb – entertaining, educational, and engaging.

About the Author
3360187“I have been writing since I could pick up a pencil. When I was a kid, I wrote plays and even musicals. When I was a teenager I wrote children’s books, in college, I learned how to write like a journalist, and when I moved to L.A. in 1993, I wrote movie and TV scripts.

“In 1998, when I moved from Hollywood back home to Greenport (the setting for the natural remedies mysteries) I was happy to be finally be able to combine my interest in natural remedies and journalism.

“Over the past ten years I have written about conventional and alternative health topics for many national publications including Natural Health, Vegetarian Times, Better Homes & Gardens, Remedy, and The Health Monitor Network. I was also the Good Nature columnist for Remedy magazine from 2006-2009.

“In 2008, I began writing non-fiction including The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Natural Remedies (Alpha, 2009), co-author of Beat Sugar Addiction Now! (Fairwinds Press, 2010 4th printing) with noted holistic physician Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D., and the Beat Sugar Addiction Now! Cookbook (Fairwinds Press, 2012) and The Country Almanac of Home Remedies (Fairwinds Press, 2011) with noted herbalist Brigitte Mars.

“So it was only “natural” that when it came to fiction I wanted to incorporate my love for natural remedies into a cozy mystery. In 2011, my life-long dream came true when I was offered a contract for Death Drops: A Natural Remedies Mystery, and three sequels, Scent to Kill, Garden of Death and my new book Dandelion Dead from Pocket Books/Simon & Schuster.

“When I’m not writing, I’m spending time with family and friends, my two dachshunds Wallander and Murdoch, my two cats Tinker and Tuppence, gardening! being a complete and total Anglophile!, and enjoying mysteries! on TV, in books and on my Kindle in my cozy cottage by the sea.”

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