Making Angel, by Amanda Washington (Blog Tour, Book Review, and Giveaway)

Making Angel Book Blog Tour

Ahhhh, the allure of the bad boy. It’s a call that I am quite familiar with. The bad boys just seem to have a certain . . . something about them. Whether we, as women, feel that we can change them or expose their deep down heart of gold, the bad boy just seems to be magnetic.

D’Angelo Mariani, known as Angel, seems to be a bad boy, but there’s something different about him. He’s a techie trying to make his father proud, but the world Angel’s father inhabits is full of too much violence for Angel’s taste. The power that entices so many to live the life promised by the mob just doesn’t seem to tantalize the first-born son of one of the most powerful crime families in Las Vegas. What does tantalize Angel is the beautiful young woman he meets at the airport.

Markie is returning home after spending time in Africa caring for orphans. She’s drawn to the handsome Angel, too, but both of them have their secrets. Markie and Angel both know they should stay away from each other, but neither one can really make the break. Will the secrets Markie and Angel harbor be the final nail in the coffin of their budding romance? Or will they be the thing that solidifies their bond once and for all?

I enjoyed Amanda Washington’s Making Angel. Her characters, which could have easily been cliched cut-outs of mafiosos, have depth and dimension and pull her story off the page. The relationship between Angel and his “muscle man,” Bones, is characterized by humor and a brotherly devotion to one another. I was caught off guard at the twist in the story, just when I thought I knew what would happen next. Making Angel is a quick read. I was often tempted to keep reading – just one more chapter – long after my eyes longed for sleep; a true credit to the story and the author.

Amanda.picAbout the Author

Amanda Washington first put her dreams to paper in 1999. MAKING ANGEL is the first book in her new adult mafia fiction series, but she’s also written dystopian (RESCUING LIBERTY and LIBERTY’S HOPE) and young adult (FALLEN, CUT, FORSAKEN). When she’s not writing, she’s busy living out her real adventure in southwest Washington with her husband and their five boys.

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Making-Angel-eBook-Cover-RGB-664x1024 (1)More about the Book

Heir to a powerful Las Vegas crime family, D’Angelo Mariani’s survival depends on his ability to prove his value to his father. Forced out of the technology lab and into the underworld, Angel is on the brink of pulling off the impossible when he runs into a captivating humanitarian who changes everything.

Markie Davis is all about compassion, service, and the ultimate adrenaline rush. After a year-long stint volunteering in an African orphanage, she’s in Vegas to check up on her wayward little sister. Markie never anticipated meeting someone like Angel.

While Angel always believed he’d be the one with explaining to do, as war sparks between the Vegas crime families, it’s Markie’s secrets that might just cost them both their lives…



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4 thoughts on “Making Angel, by Amanda Washington (Blog Tour, Book Review, and Giveaway)

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  2. Great review! I love books that have the ‘forbidden romance’ vibe and the fact that you said the characters were not the typical cliche and the mention of twists and turns makes this sound like an amazing read. Thanks for sharing


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