Frightfall Read-A-Thon: Kicking Off and Updates!

frightfall 2015 buttonThis week I’m trying to do my very best to be an active participant in the Frightfall Read-A-Thon. As always, my Day Job is keeping me super busy, but I need a way to relax and unwind.

I read a lot of mysteries and am currently reading Pane and Suffering. It’s the first of a new cozy series and I’m enjoying it. I’m listening to a somewhat spooky/Gothic selection in Bellman & Black; quite the enjoyable novel thus far!

One thought on “Frightfall Read-A-Thon: Kicking Off and Updates!

  1. I know all about busy. I mean look at how late I am making the rounds. Sheesh! Anyway, I hope you’ve been able to squeeze in some reading. And thanks again for offering books for the giveaway. You rock, as always!


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