Bedside Manners by Phoebe Fox (Review & Giveaway)

Bedside Manners by Phoebe FoxBrook Ogden has never encountered a broken heart she couldn’t patch together. Her counseling practice as the Breakup Doctor—on call to help you shape up after a breakup—is so busy she’s expanded to offer group sessions. (Turns out there are far more than fifty ways to leave your lover.) Her radio show and advice column have made her a local celebrity, and even her personal life, after some gruesome breakups of her own, is in recovery: Ben Garrett started out as a revenge date against an ex, but has turned into so much more.

But when sizzling-hot Chip Santana, an old client she once shared a rather unprofessional midnight roll in the sand with, comes back into her life asking for her help, Brook can’t say no. Yet while she’s busy stitching up his relationship troubles, Chip reveals much more than a therapeutic interest in her.

In the standoff between her heart and her hormones, Brook’s cool, collected Wise Therapist persona begins to crack like thrown wedding china. She’s yelling at recalcitrant cheating husbands. Offering crazy advice to radio callers. She’s even hugging her clients.

When the situation goes critical, Brook’s forced into a decision she isn’t ready to make—and the Breakup Doctor has to decide what kind of casualties she’s willing to accept.

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I’m not married. I don’t date (anymore). In fact, I’m quite happily single. I think that’s why I can (somewhat) successfully give relationship advice to others. In my dating days, I was always at a loss about what to do or say or how to act; but I could always provide advice to others. In that way, I can relate to Brook Ogden. She’s admired and respected in her professional life as The Breakup Doctor, and yet, in her own love life, she’s all over the place. It makes for entertaining reading and Bedside Manners, as a result, is hard to put down. As each chapter came to a close, I always wanted to keep reading, curious to see just what trouble Brook was going to get into or how she was going to get out of it!

Bedside Manners is funny and smart, full of moments that will make you laugh out loud or cringe or even cry. But through it all, you’ll cheer for Book and you’ll smile when she pulls through with a little help from her friends (and family).

Bedside Manners features a pair of sexy love interests for Brook, but the one who captured my heart was Jake, the “giant lapdog” who Brook meets though Ben. I don’t want to ruin the read by giving away too many plot details, so I will just say that I really respect the way Bedside Manners wraps up for now. There is a lot to admire in Brook – and in Phoebe Fox.

My thanks to the good hens at Henery Press for providing me with a free copy of Bedside Manners in exchange for an honest review.

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