Marked Masters by Ritter Ames (Review and Giveaway)

Marked Masters by Ritter AmesSince finishing Counterfeit Conspiracies, I have been eagerly (and not so patiently) waiting for Marked Masters. I loved the pace and suspense, the art and the world travelling. And Jack Hawkes. The story arc is complex, but also accessible, and I strongly suspected a hidden depth to it. Marked Masters confirmed those suspicions and surpassed my expectations. It’s a great sequel that created an even stronger connection to the characters and investment in the story.
I really liked the glimpses into Laurel’s past that I read in Marked Masters. Those little looks really provide an insight into her character and, I think, will turn out to be more and more important to solving the growing mystery woven throughout the series. I also love how Laurel’s life seems to become more and more entangled with Jack’s – or, at least, with key people in Jack’s life.
All of the action leads to one heck of a cliffhanger ending! I’m left feeling anxious about Jack’s predicament and worried about Laurel’s next moves. Just who is Moran? Can Laurel’s boss be trusted? (I’m leaning more and more to an answer of no.) Which one of our lead characters is the true target of the shady circumstances that have seemed to follow them both since their first meeting in Italy? And, most importantly, where can I find a Jack of my own? (Just so you know, I asked Ritter and she has promised me first dibs if she comes across an extra. So, yeah, the line forms behind me.)
What Ritter Ames does so admirably well is parcel out just enough information – just enough of back story or relationship history – to keep a reader hooked. She sets a maddeningly expert pace and keeps you on the edge of your seat scene after scene, all the time dropping you deeper and deeper into the plot. In a word, she’s masterful.
Marked Masters will be released in early 2015. It’s currently available for pre-ordering at a sale price of $0.99!
And now for the giveaway!Bodies of Art ContestMarked Masters will be released March 2nd, but a few lucky fans will be able to read the 80K book before then. Ritter Ames has graciously and generously offered this giveaway to Girl with Book Lungs readers. One lucky reader will win one copy of Counterfeit Conspiracies and one ARC of Marked Masters. To enter, just send an email to with the words Bodies of Art Contest/Girl with Book Lungs in the subject line. The contest will run until January 31, and Ritter Ames notify the winner by email on Feb. 1st to get a mailing address.


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