Special delivery

photo 2 My order from amazon.com arrived today containing, among other things, my print copy of Sweet by Erin McCarthy. It’s a really good read, but that’s not why I bought the print copy.

See, I already have an electronic copy and was fortunate enough to be an early reader. (You can read my review of it here!) I also read and reviewed the first book in the “True Believers” series, True. (That review is posted at On a Book Bender.) Apparently, a few words I wrote in that review were well-liked!

In the opening pages of Sweet, you’ll find blurbs and quotes about Sweet, True, and other titles of Erin McCarthy. Among them, are a few words of my very own – for the first time ever!photo 1 I’m so thrilled and excited to have some of my review wording be used in promoting Erin McCarthy and the “True Believers” series!

And that, my friends, is why I had to buy a print version of a book that I already own and have read electronically. *grin*

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