The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

I am perplexed by this book. I’m just honestly not sure what I think of it! I have to say: this is an odd feeling.

Blue Sargent has grown up with a psychic mother and a house full of her mother’s gifted friends. She isn’t psychic, but Blue is something special. She has the ability to amplify energy – like turning up the volume for those who do have psychic abilities. And, Blue is special for another reason: she will one day kill her true love.

The raven boys are Gansey, Ronan, Luke, and Adam, all students at Aglionby – a Ivy-league prep school for boys in Henrietta, VA. Gansey is – and has been – searching for a buried Welsh king who, when found, will re-awake and grant a wish to the one who finds him. Clearly the leader of the quartet, Gansey has surrounded himself with an interesting group:

  • Adam is a scholarship student at Aglionby, determined to pull himself out of his current situation on his own terms.
  • Ronan is troubled, angry, and grieving, but his friends see a special potential in him.
  • And Noah, well, Noah is an enigma even among those who know him best.

When Blue crosses paths with the raven boys, something . . . new begins. Her energy is a spark to Gansey’s search and there is a growing affection between her and Adam. All of them can feel the newness, but none of them can fully understand what is going on. (Nor can I!)

I’m conflicted about my feelings for this book. The character canvas is crowded and the energy around ley lines and magic and psychic ability further complicates the plot. And there there is something intriguing about this book. How can Blue kill her true love with a kiss? What is really going on in the “enchanted forest” the group discovered? And is it Adam or Gansey who is Blue’s true love? I’m still not 100% sure what’s going on in the Raven Cycle, but I am interested enough to carry on with the series in order to find out what happens next. I would give it a rating of 3.5/5.

The Raven Cycle

  1. The Raven Boys
  2. The Dream Thieves
  3. As yet untitled (2014 release)
  4. As yet untitled (anticipated 2015 release)

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4 thoughts on “The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

  1. I have been halfway through this book for a year, mainly because like you said there is so much going on! I’m not giving it up though– the premise is so intriguing.


    • It feels a little chaotic at times! I was surprised that I stuck with the book. Generally speaking, I have a 60 page rule with books. But I think I was about 200 pages in to The Raven Boys when I really got hooked. And the final quarter of the book really moves quickly.

      I requested the next book from my library. I’m curious to see how things progress.


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