Beating the Wrap, by Julie Anne Lindsey

It’s fall in Bliss, Georgia, and Bonnie Balfour is creating a display in her shop using messages of gratitude from folks all over town. But a few bad apples can spoil the bushel, as the saying goes. Bonnie has a hunch who may be leaving mean-spirited notes and she heads across the town square to talk with the man. The new shop owner is less than receptive to Bonnie’s questions and a heated exchange quickly escalates to a threatening confrontation–with witnesses. When Bonnie tries to mend fences, she places herself in the spotlight as a suspect in a murder investigation.

My admiration for and enjoyment of this cozy series grows stronger with each new release. Bonnie is a character who is easy to like and to root for–especially in love. She’s had a bumpy experience with her ex-husband, but Sherriff Mason Write is proving to be just what she needs. (And the same goes for Mason! Bonnie is his perfect match.)

I really enjoy the characters, settings, and mysteries in this series. And the inclusion of little details from other stories by Julie Anne Lindsey are fun to search for and discover.

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